Stabilization of F-actin by Salmonella effector SipA resembles the structural effects of inorganic phosphate and phalloidin.

Ewa Niedzialkowska, Lucas A Runyan, Elena Kudryashova, Edward H Egelman, Dmitri S Kudryashov


Entry of Salmonella into host enterocytes relies on its pathogenicity island 1 effector SipA. We found that SipA binds to F-actin in a 1:2 stoichiometry with sub-nanomolar affinity. A cryo-EM reconstruction revealed that SipA's globular core binds at the groove between actin strands, whereas the extended C-terminal arm penetrates deeply into the inter-strand space, stabilizing F-actin from within. The unusually strong binding of SipA is achieved by a combination of fast association via the core and very slow dissociation dictated by the arm. Similar to P