Bacterial flagellar capping proteins adopt diverse oligomeric states.

Sandra Postel, Daniel Deredge, Daniel A Bonsor, Xiong Yu, Kay Diederichs, Saskia Helmsing, Aviv Vromen, Assaf Friedler, Michael Hust, Edward H Egelman, Dorothy Beckett, Patrick L Wintrode, Eric J Sundberg


Flagella are crucial for bacterial motility and pathogenesis. The flagellar capping protein (FliD) regulates filament assembly by chaperoning and sorting flagellin (FliC) proteins after they traverse the hollow filament and exit the growing flagellum tip. In the absence of FliD, flagella are not formed, resulting in impaired motility and infectivity. Here, we report the 2.2 Å resolution X-ray crystal structure of FliD from